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Vinculum Foundation has, since its inception, also offered non-monetary, in-kind services to UN-related NGOs and United Nations Department of Global Communications (UNDGC), as part of its ongoing service to the World Development Foundation (WDF).  WDF is associated with UNDGC and a partner NGO to Vinculum, where Mr. Sciarratta is a Senior Fellow at WDF.  


In 2019, the Foundation raised the funding to enable Mr. Sciarratta to provide invited, keynote addresses at the World Assembly of Youth's 19th Melaka International's Youth Dialogue (Malaysia) and at the Danube for Peace conference led by the Media Education Center, at the EUs 2019 European City of Youth events in Novi Sad (Serbia). Following those appearances, and other stops in Thailand and Singapore, Mr. Sciarratta completed his successful work as Media Co-Chair for the 68th Annual United Nations Civil Society Conference. The conference fielded over 4,000 registrants and nearly 6,000 attendees, overall - making it the most successful, well-attended and covered UN Civil Society conferences in memory.

Mr. Sciarratta is now the elected President of the Global NGO Executive Committee during its 60th Anniversary Year, and beyond.  He remains the Editor of the NGO Reporter for the nearly 1600 global NGOs formally associated with the United Nations Department of Global Communications. 

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