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Patrick Sciarratta

Vinculum Foundation Founder & President

• Creator, Producer, & Director of Major, Sponsored Forums at the UN (2002-2017) as

Senior Fellow, World Development Foundation, GLOBALWDF.ORG
• Internationally recognized youth trainer: Social Entrepreneurship & Global Development

• Currently President,

Global NGO Executive Committee, GNEC.NGO

• Currently Editor-In-Chief

NGO Reporter for 1547 NGOs associated with GNEC/UNDGC

• Past Posts: Delegate/UN, Presidential Representative/Clinton, 1989/MacArthur Awardee

Vinculum President recognized during the UNs 75th Anniversary:


"UN Stories, U.S. Voices: Patrick Sciarratta"  

 July 17, 2020  Denali Drake, UNA-USA 

Not often there is someone so passionate about global diplomacy that they manage to win an Emmy Award, a MacArthur Genius Grant, create several NGOs, obtain diplomatic status, and receive a special commendation from a former United States President, but Patrick Sciarratta is the exception. He proves that ... read the rest, here


"You deserve this very positive and detailed report, covering all the work you have done ... Bravo and we are witnesses to the constructive participation you have made in our UNA Chapter. I join all the others in requesting that we include the article on our website." 

H. E. Ambassador Bob F. Jalang'o

Former Ambassador, Permanent Mission of Kenya to the United Nations

PS w Nigerian Speaker of the House
Dave Bruebeck and Patrick 3

At the United Nations, Patrick has held Diplomatic status, as Special Adviser to the Permanent Mission of Suriname. In 2003, he co-created and then directed the Annual Youth Assembly at the United Nations® for 14 years. Currently, Patrick is president on the board of directors at the Global NGO Executive Committee, affiliated with the UN Department of Global Communications.   Until COVID closed down public events, Patrick was active in partnership with the World Development Foundation, where he is a Senior Fellow leading all sponsored, pubic events. Patrick edits the NGO Reporter, disseminated to 5,000+ U.N.-affiliated NGOs worldwide; helped lead the very successful 68th Annual UNCivil Society Conference, held for the first time ever in the USA, outside UN Headquarters in NY - where he was Media Co-Chair; Mr. Sciarratta was also Treasurer, twice, for the UN DPI 64th and 65th Annual Conferences; in January 2012, Patrick co-sponsored the first-ever TEDx conference at the U.N.; on 26 June 2015, he produced the UN-Inspired Rhythms of One World Choral Festival in NYC (UN General Assembly Hall and Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center) in celebration of the UN 70th anniversary; and more:  Former Secretary General Ban Ki-moon thanked Patrick by name on stage in the UN General Assembly Hall for his work to produce the Ebola Relief Concert in March 2015.  In 2016, Patrick was appointed a co-chair for Development on the UN DPI NGO Planning Committee and later in Summer 2016, he produced a reprise of certain elements of the UN Conference (originally held in Korea) back at UN Headquarters.  In 2015, Patrick was also the Conference Director of the popular 2015 NGO Conference at the United Nations, (the 70th anniversary event for NGOs at the UN) which featured addresses by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, UN Undersecretary General Cristina Gallach, and Bob Kennedy, Jr. among  others.

His work has been featured on CBS Sunday Morning. He delivered a keynote address at the World Summit on Innovation Economy in Nantong, China near Shanghai, and then spoke at Tangshan College, left, commencing a long-term relationship with the college.

Patrick was lead faculty member for the Nonprofit Management Certificate Program for over a decade at Purchase College of the

State University of New York. Prior to that, he was the Arts Director at Hunter College (CUNY).

He attended the 4th Petra Conference of Nobel Laureates at the invitation of King Abdullah of Jordan and the 5th Fez Nobel Laureates Conference at the invitation of King Mohammed VI of Morocco. He represented youth interests and worked with global leaders and youth in attendance during both events. 

In his long professional career, Mr. Sciarratta was Presidential Representative to President Clinton, recipient of the first-ever Mac Arthur Genius Award given to an NGO, awarded formal "Days" in the name of his projects by the US Senate and NYS Legislature, co-founded and directed the well-respected Bond Street Thatre of New York and, as an actor, had male principal lead in, among others, The Orchestra, the first-ever High Definition television presentation in the United States (PBS/SONY/Canal Plus), which won an Emmy Award and more awards worldwide than any other television show in 1991.  From 1985-87, he was on the teams that helped rebuild the Woodstock Playhouse and the Danny Kaye Playhouse, both in New York State.  Mr. Sciarratta graduated from Queens College (CUNY) and has received NYU's Gallatin Alumni Achievement Award, recognizing his successes after his Masters Degree in Theatre Anthropology from New York University in 1983.

Article about Patrick Sciarratta

Behind Compelling Eyes, A Citizen Diplomat

by Pan Xin


Beijing/New York - An Interview with the Leader of the Global Youth Summit



Patrick has a face filled with large, curious eyes, dark brown and shining with childlike light, as if everything around is full of interest, with enthusiasm. He was the Chairman of the 2016 Global Youth Summit at the United Nations, during the opening welcomes, arranging for speakers, and other, related presentations at UN Headquarters.

Mr. Sciarratta exudes limitless energy, and with his captivating voice, he instantly ignites the atmosphere. Here he is amidst every participant: with the youth, hugging, smiling, taking selfies with them, and asking about their dreams. When you hear the students from China express their thoughts or ideas on Sino-US relations and international affairs (with views expressed at times in less-than-fluent in English), he leans in, eyes wide open, showing infinite interest, patiently discussing, as if to give the young people a path to their own strength. 

Click to read the whole article

Earlier Achievements


N.B. Many of these achievements appear on other websites, related to the NGOs Mr. Sciarratta led during those years.  That noted, these programs were mostly created, produced and directed by Mr. Sciarratta during his tenure at any of those NGOs.


  • 2005: The second session of FAF’s initiative, the Youth Assembly at the United Nations, had been formally endorsed by several Member State missions at the U.N.

  • 2004: Patrick Sciarratta was voted onto the Executive Committee of the NGO/DPI (Nongovernmental Organizations / Department of Public Information) at the United Nations. NGO/DPI assists with strategic, financial, and youth development as well as helps to plan the annual conferences attendant to the United Nations General Assembly each fall. Mr. Sciarratta was also named to the National Council of the United Nations Federation and is the editor of the NGO Reporter, distributed to 1400 NGOs worldwide.

  • 2004: Patrick requests and receives a million dollar plus award from the Lions Clubs International Foundation to direct its 9/11 camp and retreat efforts, after successfully completing a summer camp utilizing arts and cultural exchange as healing tool for those affected by the terrorist tragedy. Mr. Sciarratta’s FAF team moves to combine 9/11 families with others suffering similar losses worldwide, in an effort to promote peace through cultural exchange among this very affected community. The project is an immense success, appearing on CBS Sunday Morning, NY Channel 1, and other local and national media in the New York, Boston, Washington D.C., and California regions served.

  • 2004: Prestigious show choir Synergy! in Salt Lake City and Patrick team up and raise $70,000 from the Sorenson Foundation to aid the ensemble’s tour to Croatia; Other funds raised with the help of Patrick subsidized their 2005 tour to NYC.

  • 2002: Patrick was selected to assist in the planning of the 55th NGO/DPI Conference at the United Nations, attendant to the General Assembly meeting, September 2002. The Arts Academy appeared there along with over 150 other young people through Patrick’s intervention.

  • 2002: After years serving Ms. Barbara Barondess as her Artistic Director, Patrick was selected to adjudicate and facilitate the annual donations of the Barondess Foundation, to arts organizations in New York State. (In 2004, the Barondess Foundation closed and turned all its assets over to Patrick’s NGO at the time, FAF.)

  • 2002: Patrick’s FAF team was selected by the Lions Clubs International Foundation to facilitate retreats based on its successful UNESCO-related programming in the Balkans. Major grant covers funding for arts based exchanges and children’s camps through 2005.

  • 1995: Mr. Sciarratta was selected by President Clinton as his Presidential Delegate to the first-ever White House Conference on Travel and Tourism.

  • 1995: Mr. Sciarratta was chosen as an Official Observer to the United Nations Conference on Women in Beijing.

  • 1992: Patrick Sciarratta selected Recipient, New York University’s Gallatin Award - Achievement in the Arts - One of only seven bestowed during the first twenty years of the NYU Gallatin Division.  

  • 1991: In one of his final professional acting engagements, Patrick was named Male Principal Lead in “The Orchestra,” the first-ever High Definition television presentation in the Untied States.  The Orchestra received more awards that year then any other TV show in the world, garnering the Emmy, Priz Italia, Best Picture in Japan and China, among others.

  • 1989: As Executive Director of the Palenville Interarts Colony, Patrick received the first-ever MacArthur (Genius) award given to an organization, for their work to revitalize the home of America’s first arts colony.

  • 1988: Patrick named Artistic Director of the Barondess Theatre Lab and, along with the former film and theatre icon, Barbara Barondess, nurtured and produced new theatre works, from 1988 until her 2000 passing. 

  • 1987: Mr. Sciarratta was named aHEO (Assistant Higher Education officer) and Director for Performing Arts Hunter College (CUNY); worked under the team that transformed the Hunter Playhouse into the Danny Kaye Playhouse, one of Manhattan’s most prestigious venues.

  • 1985: Named Director of Campus Events and Student Activities at Seton College; wrote and acquired the institution’s first major line item funding award from NY State.

  • 1984: Named Resident Director, Israel Festival – Played a key role in consolidating to Jerusalem the once nationwide festival.  Received Schubert Foundation support to bring 110 ensembles to Jerusalem.

  • 1978-82: Theatre Critic, Show Business Magazine.

  • 1976 - 1990: Patrick formed and assumed the role of Artistic Director of Bond Street Theatre; later he assumed the role as Board Chair.

  • “The Hunger Artist,” written by Patrick, is listed in the Burns Mantle Theatre Yearbook, Best Plays, 1976-77.

  • 1972: Received the Kosciusko Foundation Grant for Study and Travel in Warsaw, Wroclaw, and Krakow Poland.

  • 1970s – Throughout, Patrick received acting scholarships to Adelphi and New York universities, along with The Valley Studio (WI), Institutet For Scenkonst (Sweden), Jerzy Grotowski’s Polish Lab Theatre, Eugenio Barba’s Odin Teatret, and other training centres. He was given preference to theater spaces at La Mama Theatre; reviewed in the Village Voice and elsewhere.

  • 1969 – 1976: Patrick formed and became the main writer for the rock band: Revival, which had its premiere release on Buddha Records in 1972.

  • 1969: Recipient, NYS Governor’s Citation for Excellence (One of only 3, state-wide; that year, personally presented by Governor Rockefeller).

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